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3 more days of classes May 1, 2008

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Friday! Monday! Tuesday! Those are the last days of my college career. I’m excited but yet I’m a little bored. The teachers ended up making everything due at the beginning and middle of the semester and now nothing’s due. Maybe it’s their way of saying take a little time to relax because you got the rest of your life to work. Isn’t that the truth?!
My plans for the future haven’t changed much. I still have my job at WKBN/WYTV. I sent out a bunch of resumes and so far I have just gotten very nicely worded rejection letters. I know it’s part of the job search but it still stinks. So as of right now I’m gonna be at the job I have know and wait to see what happens. I guess I have to take things day by day for now and I’m okay with that.
It tends to be common that a lot of employers don’t want somebody out of college for a career that takes a lot of practice and work. But I’m willing to do it because it’s something I love to do. Like I said before take it day by day.
The Final for the capstone is going to be excellent because we’re going to have a barbeque at a friend’s house and I’m so excited. It may be the last time we get to go out and have fun with each other for a long time. It’s gonna be totally worth it!


2 weeks left of school! April 24, 2008

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After all these years I never thought I would see this time of the year. Finals are right around the corner and going out in the real world is getting closer and closer. This past week I have been getting a hold of old contacts and talking to them and catching up. I’ve also sent my E-Portfolio to them to look at my resume and videos so now I have to wait for their responses. So far so good on the project!!
Right out of school I’ll probably be stuck at the job I’m doing now and I’m okay with that. I’ve done some thinking and trying to figure my future out and I realized that it’s going to happen. You have to live your life day by day and work with any curveball thrown your way. I think I’ll be content with what I have for a while…now I just have to fight my parents about it. They may not see my way but they have to let me do what I want to do…right? I’m still young and I don’t have any obligations or responsibilities to anyone but myself. It’s finally me time while I work and save up money for tuition bills of course.

Month to Graduation April 18, 2008

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There are three more weeks left in my college career plus finals. This means there are two more shows left in my college year. After it is all said and done there is exactly a month before graduation. The closer you get the more fears, questions, and random thoughts that go through your head.
I started showing my e-portfolio to professionals and now I’m waiting for responses and constructive criticism. I sent it to a production facility in Detroit and it was agreed upon fully that everything looks very professional and approved of. Finally, after all my hard work on the E-Portfolio how do I know when to send it out to employers? Not a whole lot of employers are looking at this type of resume set-up. Maybe I’ll get lucky.
I also started sending out resumes to stations around the U.S. looking for any type of producer jobs. A lot of jobs are out of state and on the other side of the country. The rest of the jobs in my lineup need tapes or DVDs and I need to figure out how to make a tape that’s appropriate for the job I want. I still want to find more jobs to apply to and I’m going to need some tips. For now there is a job down in West Virginia that I’d really like to have so let’s cross our fingers.
My last concern is finding housing in the area where I have my job now. It’s a hard market out there and nobody wants to rent their houses. Everybody is into the selling aspect so that they can get out of this town and move elsewhere. Hopefully I can find something on land contract for a short period of time.

I did it! April 14, 2008

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The presentation was a success. It started at 5 with a viewing of my final project that turned out really well. After that was the answer and question part of my capstone and I got a lot of funny questions but they all meant well and needed to be answered. After that I gave a tour of the station to my family and got to hang out with them. We did a live show that night. It didn’t start out very well starting with getting the scripts printed out. Everybody decided to wait until the last minute to get help and to let me know that there was a problem. Why they did that I will never know. The show itself was pretty good with some flaws thrown in but it’s expected since we always move the crew around to give them a feel of things. We came out of the show four minutes early and that’s when stuff hit the fan. Afterwards we had a meeting where I yelled continuously at them but it’s like they’re never going to learn. I feel bad but it has to be done.

The mock convention highlights need to be finished up and put in my E-portfolio and I can start sending out resumes to begin my job search. I’m excited and scared at the same time…I don’t know what to expect besides a hard time finding a job. I guess only time will tell.

A Week to Prepare! April 4, 2008

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For my capstone presentation all the video is shot and most of it is edited.  I’m waiting for one more package and my final project is complete.  It took some searching for music and help but it was well worth it in the end.  Next week I also hope to have more stuff edited and my e-portfolio finished.  Then I can get some professional opinions and feedback on the e-portfolio and resume so that I can concentrate on those and make them better for future employers.

On to a serious topic:
As being a ‘boss’ and when to answer questions from other students and helping them it can be quite stressful.  Every week after the show I give constructive criticism not just to one student but to everybody that is involved.  And alas, every week I am saying the same stuff over and over again.  Sometimes it does seem to be the same people that do the same things every week but they don’t ask for help in the long run and it makes them frustrated along with me.  And then you have people who just start coming to the show and think they know everything.  But, hey, you just started coming and helping.  How can you know everything?  I’m not saying I know everything because I don’t but I do learn something new everyday.  If you are new take things in stride and when you have enough experience then chip in and help and make yourself look knowledgeable.  Then you have students who put everything before their major and all their assignments.  Then they tell you last minute that their stuff isn’t done or it’s going to be done right before the show.  Hello, people!  You have a week to get your stuff done.  This is not the real world yet where you only have a couple of hours to get your stuff done.  When students like to put their major on the back burner others have to pick up the slack and a lot of time I’m one of the forerunners for the slack picker-upper.  I’m not saying this is a bad thing because most of the time I can fix problems but what is the student learning except that they can rely on somebody else.  One of these days I hope these students learn from this and they make something of themselves.

Last but not least
Job searching!  I’ve started the search and I’m not sure how it’s looking yet.  Tons of jobs but not anything I want to do for the rest of my life.  I don’t want to change my life’s direction but I’m not sure what I’m gonna do about the job thing.  Until next time…hopefully I do have some idea about the job thing…and I’ll let you know how the presentation went.

Capstone Presentation! March 27, 2008

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It’s been a while since I wrote but tests and a nice cruise down south kinda kept me busy.  You would think that a week on the seas with just the sunshine would let you relax and not worry about school and graduation.  Boy was I wrong.  Although I did get a tour of the cruise ship’s own television station.  Everything is under lock and key but I got a special tour and I got to check out the equipment they use.  The ship uses new technology to make it easier to record and edit.  Completely awesome.  They also said I should apply since the cruise line is always looking to hire for their communications onboard.  It’s an enticing thought.  I think I’m going to look into it.

On to capstone:  scripts are written and ready to be proofed and printed.  Videos are on the computer waiting to be put in order and I have yet to get myself ready to be on camera.  I plan on recording it at the beginning of next week with the coolest crew picked.  I will miss them dearly.  Then I got just over a week to edit and re-shoot any problems I come along to.  My presentation is going to be april 10th from 5 until 8.  It’s going to be a long night but well worth it.  I have family coming down to check out my work.

I’m planning it as an experiencing walk-through with the studio and master control along with the edit bays.  During that time family and friends will be able to get a tour and see my production work.  That same night we are having a live show so starting at 6:30 they can check out the meetings and run throughs and see what happens when I run around and try to solve all of the problems that arise.  Finally at 7:30 my family can experience me as a director and see my director work.  I’m hoping this turns out real well and I get a big turn out.  I’m not nervous now but I’m sure it will come closer to the time of the actual presentation.

After the presentation all I really have to worry about is making sure my e-portfolio is presentable.  And start sending out resumes to find the perfect job.  Wish me luck.

So Much Work To Do…So Little Time March 7, 2008

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The rundown is written!
The scripts are started!
The E-Portfolio is also started!
But guess what! There is so much more to do before I can even present my final project.
Right after Spring Break I have to record my show and get all of the packages together. Not only that I have to create invitations. I have to talk to professionals about my project. And finally I have to send my resumes out for feedback and advice. So much to do but I’m bound and determined to do them before month’s end.
I only have one slight problem with my project…I keep changing my mind! I have a theme which is fine but I’m having a slight problem where I keep changing what I want to do and how I want to do it. I guess I have until presentation day to change my mind.

On to another subject: The County Line.
Having responsibilities for a little show like this is quite awesome. I’m Executive Producer and Director. I’ve learned that when new producers are coming in and learning something for the very first time it’s ok to let them go on and work with other producers. Then come in and pick through stuff with a fine tooth comb. I did this tonight and it’s fun to be able to have final say over things and answer any questions from somebody new. It also puts some stress on you when you have to act like you know about everything you’re talking about. The past couple of semesters I learn something new about a show everytime it goes on air.
When doing the show you have to take it one week at a time. Some weeks the stress levels are high whereas other weeks it can be very calm. You might not think that happens to a director especially since the show is already laid out, you’ve already talked to the anchors and producers, and the power is in your hands once those cameras start rolling. The weeks that go very smoothly, are of course, the stress free weeks. But every now and then, you have a week where it seems like nothing is going your way. Tapes aren’t cued, nobody’s listening to the videos or to your commands. That’s when its time to take control. Sometimes I feel bad when I have to yell at everybody to be quiet or to tell them they need to get on the ball but it’s necessary when you’re on charge and people are relying on you for an awesome show. If we had more shows like the one that played tonight…everybody’s lives would be care free. Coming soon I’ll load tonight’s show for you and let you see an excellent show. Until next time…I’ll be working on capstone non-stop.

Another Week Closer to Graduation! February 14, 2008

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I finally figured out the topic of my final project!  Since living in a small town all my life (my hometown is no bigger than my college town) I decided to do a fun feature of things to do and people to meet in such small areas.  I know how hard it is to find something to do every weekend and sometimes during the week when you don’t have homework to do.  There are little stores to be visited that only locals know and it’s fun to go there.  The owners are usually there and you get to hear their backgrounds and their life stories.  You get to find things to do that you wouldn’t normally do like going hang gliding.  For this town you only have to drive 20 minutes away to experience the falling.  Plus, since we are on a college campus we do have guest speakers who are really interesting to go see so we can do a little profile on them and learn about their profession and why they are considered speakers.

Now that I have my format for my show I need to start picking out stories and writing scripts.  I usually write news stories for radio news and I can make packages but when it comes to writing intros for my stories that’s not something I’m used to so I had to look for some back up.    When writing the intro it’s all about teases.  You want to give the background of the story but you don’t want to give the story up.  You want to give a lot of information but you want the package to tell the actual story.  So for the next week I’m gonna be writing intros for packages.  I already have several stories lined up for my final project.  I’m so excited…I can hardly wait!

Am I Ready? February 7, 2008

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The weeks are starting to go faster and faster as the year comes to an end and we just started this semester.  In class today we talked about our final presentations and dates and what we needed to do.  If we don’t do our project and pass we don’t graduate.  I really want to do my project and it make it the best that I can but I don’t know if I want to graduate.

Let me explain:
I started thinking about my future and I’m ready to work.  I want to get out there but then I realized I know what I like doing at school but is it going to be the same outside.  Do I really want to do that stuff after school?  Or do I want to find something new to enjoy?

I have followed a professional in the field and I am modeling my project after producing a newscast or a news magazine.  I plan on making fun stories flow from one to the next but also have a serious note to the newscast to make employers feel like I am serious about what I am doing.  I think about whether I want to do that everyday.  What if I have a bad day?  What if I can’t come up with enough stories?  I know this can be solved day to day but what if it goes for a whole week?  I guess only time will tell.

After school I plan on getting a job.  I do want to be a producer or a director.  But what if I can’t get a job as either one of them when I send out applications?  What if I get another job that i’m not necessarily trained for?  I guess I would have to learn the new job which isn’t a problem for me but then I always wonder if i’m going to be back to the original job I wanted.  Or stick with the job I got in the first place because I like it so much.

Once again I guess only time will tell.

Many questions will arise in the next couple of months and I only have myself to answer them.  I can’t ask anybody else.  Right now I can only live it day by day.

3 1/2 months left! January 31, 2008

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The end of January is here and that means there is only 3 1/2 months left of school.  I picked the date for my final presentation.  April 10th.  I’m going to be holding it in the television station and my video is going to be playing the whole time.  I’ll be there the whole time answering questions and talking to anybody interested in my project.  Coming up in the next month I have to start making my e-portfolio, which should be fun because I can express my creativity.  I never thought we would be making online resumes.  Plus I have to continue looking for videos and ideas for my show and trying to put them in order and writing scripts.  The most important thing I have to do is find people who would like to help me anchor and shot the show.  We also have dine and shine going on which lets us dress up and show ourselves professionally and teaches us how behave properly.  Another thing I would like to go to is connections in communications.  I haven’t heard too much about it so hopefully it will do me something good.

Today we went to the internship and volunteer fair on campus and got a look around.  There was only one television station but I already work there so I did tell the Amy G. that I was looking for a producing job and to keep her ears open and I would check in with her from time to time.  Like they said it’s all about networking and getting your foot in the door.